Case Studies

Copper Mountain Technologies strives to help users realize their full potential with sensible solutions for their unique applications. These case studies highlight the service and solutions CMT provides in a growing number of industries. 

PXIe-S5090 Improves Test Times for Ultrasound Probe Application

MammoWave® Breast Cancer Detection System

Longtime Users Remain Bullish on Price/Performance Combination of CMT Analyzers

Mt. SAC Uses CMT VNAs to Give Students Valuable Technical Experience

Production Testing Solution

Medical Testing Solution

Aerospace Testing Solution

Complete Solution for R&D Applications

Recurrent Customers Remain Staunch Supporters of CMT’s Compact VNAs

Saving Time on Testing Filters

CMT Helps Deliver Tangible RF Measurement Experience to the Next Generation of Electrical Engineers

CobaltFx System Delivers Accurate & Repeatable mmWave Measurements

Two-Way Radio Shop Enhances Measurement Capabilities

Compact VNA Helps Deliver Solutions to Telecom Industry

Antenna Consultant Boosts Measurement Capacity w/ Compact VNA

Free Instrument Trial Delivers VNA for IoT Applications

Validating Weld Integrity in HDPE

Sonomatic picture (R140 1-port 14GHz Analyzer)

Materials Measurement Solution

Improving Antenna Design & Performance

Mini Case Study

R60 1-Port VNA in Antenna Design Examination for Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan