Compact USB VNA Helps Deliver Cost-Effective Solutions to Telecom Industry

With the M5065 2-port 6.5 GHz analyzer Integrity Microwave was able to identify a high-performance and reliable instrument tailored to their needs –with the right feature set for their component testing application– in the portable USB form factor. Having an affordable and accurate measurement instrument that includes comprehensive service from RF experts, helps Integrity Microwave deliver quality products targeted to the wireless telecom markets. The ability to bring measurements directly to customers has helped establish credibility and validate their solutions.

Integrity Microwave brings carrier-class solutions and value to the wireless communications market. They have invested heavily in world-class RF and mechanical design tools which are leveraged to develop more complex and technically-optimized designs. With access to a low-cost supply chain and a flexible manufacturing model, they offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to their customers.


Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) are an important tool for the development and evaluation of RF conditioning and antenna products. Wesley Sarratt, President and CEO of Integrity Microwaves required a compact VNA for measurements up to 6.5 GHz at a price that fit his team’s budget. But most importantly he needed an instrument capable of making quality measurements. “If you don’t receive dependable performance from the VNA, it doesn’t matter if it can fit in the palm of your hand, or even if it’s free,” said Wesley. CMT’s M5065 Compact VNA offered the performance and feature set that Integrity Microwaves needed at an affordable cost.  “The device is user friendly, the interface is smooth, the fidelity of the measurements is high, and the price is very competitive.”

M5065 6.5 GHz Compact VNA

The value of Integrity Microwave’s purchase goes beyond the performance and price of the instrument. Copper Mountain Technologies’ team of expert engineers has extensive RF and microwave experience. They work with users to ensure accurate and efficient measurements are being made. CMT’s application and automation support engineers assist with the design and implementation of instruments every step of the way, in order to optimize each VNA solution for the needs of its user.

Customer Quote: Wesley Sarratt (Integrity Microwave)

Integrity Microwave utilizes their VNAs for testing and evaluation during product development, as well as acceptance testing on production solutions. CMT’s VNAs can reliably evaluate the performance of RF conditioning and antenna products and the portability of the USB VNA form factor allows users to transcend the capabilities of a traditional VNA. Wesley’s team takes advantage of the M5065’s portability by visiting customers with his instrument. “One of the biggest impacts is the ability to take the instrument directly to our customers and demonstrate our product in front of them,” said Sarratt, who uses his USB VNA to easily display test results on the big screen in his customer’s conference rooms. “They’ve never seen that before. It gives you immediate credibility when you can prove in a live test that your product can do what you say it does.”

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M5065 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer

300 kHz – 6.5 GHz


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