Vector Network Analyzer Automation

CMT’s vector network analyzer software supports multiple automation languages, including C++, Python, MATLAB*, Visual Basic (Excel)*, and LabVIEW*. Our command set is modeled after industry-standard legacy equipment; porting code is straightforward, and we can help. Complete installation of any CMT software comes with multiple programming examples and guides installed in the C:\VNA\*VNA\ Programming Examples and Guides directory (located in ~/Documents/VNA/*VNA for Linux).


The vector network analyzer software provides a COM/DCOM* (ActiveX) interface. Alternatively, SCPI command via TCP socket supports vector network analyzer automation from either localhost, the same machine running the VNA software application, or from a second PC on the network. HiSlip interface uses the same SCPI command set and further allows for instrument discovery and automation through Visa library of your choice.

*Compatible with Windows software version. Not compatible with Linux software version.

Vector Network Analyzer Automation Features include:

Segmented frequency sweeps | Power sweeps | 16 channels with up to 16 traces each | Limit tests | Linear/logarithmic sweeps | Multiple trace formats | Marker math

LabVIEW Drivers

LabVIEW, from National Instruments, is among the more popular programming languages for automation of test equipment, including Copper Mountain Technologies vector network analyzer automation. LabVIEW drivers are included with the network analyzer software installer. You can also download LabVIEW drivers for each software type below. LabVIEW drivers are not compatible with the Linux vector network analyzer software version.

Note: CMT instruments are grouped into four vector network analyzer software families: “R” for 1-Port Reflectometers; “TR” for 2-port 1-path VNAs, “S2” for 2-port reversing VNAs, and “S4” for 4-port VNAs.

Programming Examples

We maintain examples for all the most popular automation programming languages, including MATLAB, Python, C++, and Visual Basic (Excel). Programming Examples are included with each VNA’s software installer.

Programming Examples

Programming Guides

Programming guides are available for a variety of additional programming languages and environments including VB.NET, VEE, Octave, C++, and Linux.

Programming Manuals

Programming manuals list all the available commands for the instrument, input and output arguments, corresponding menu soft keys, and usage examples.

S2 & S4 Programming Manuals
RVNA Programming Manuals
TRVNA Programming Manuals

S2 & S4 Programming Manual (COM)


S2 & S4 Programming Manual (SCPI)


R Programming Manual (COM)


R Programming Manual (SCPI)


TR Programming Manual (COM)


TR Programming Manual (SCPI)

If you have any questions about automation, or are using a programming environment for which an example or guide is not available, pleaseĀ let us know!