In situations where there is a need for strong security, USB VNAs are a better fit than traditional instruments. Taking traditional network analyzers in/out of secure environments is a lot of work, requiring removable hard drives, data purging procedures and oversight over those data purging procedures. With USB VNAs the computer that stores and processes the data is separate from the measurement module, so, as long as the computer stays in the secure area, all data concerns are eliminated, and the data measurement module can easily move between laboratories and sites. Measurement module has only volatile memory, so no data is retained, and the separate PC can be made secure following standard security protocols.

Automated Testing Equipment (ATE)

With Copper Mountain Technologies’ USB VNAs your automated testing equipment (ATE) works as one software system running on a single computer. We can customize the analyzer module to fit in your system, provide extra frequency range coverage as compared to our standard VNA models should you need it in your specific application or characterize the expected performance outside the frequency limits of our standard VNAs. The PXIe-S5090 delivers metrology-grade VNA performance and speed to NI’s PXI system and is available exclusively from National Instruments.


For high volume semiconductor testing environments, Copper Mountain Technologies’ Cobalt instruments are designed with this rather extreme requirement in mind. Our Cobalt VNA family allows for really exceptionally high sweep speeds at the further tradeoff of dynamic range. A wider IF bandwidth, along with other big improvements especially to the data processing components of the instrument, is what enables Cobalt VNAs to operate at such great measurement speeds. Knowing how tight development and production budgets can be, Copper Mountain Technologies helps you maximize your investment by offering state-of-the-art VNA solutions at a budget-friendly price. Our products are priced to fit every budget. Copper Mountain Technologies has worked alongside National Instruments to bring world-class VNA performance and speed to the PXI system with the PXIe-S5090 network analyzer. Learn more about why CMT VNAs are well suited for semiconductor testing.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is driving a rapidly expanding need for installing wireless capability on everything from light bulbs to kitchen appliances to earbuds. Countless design teams are working on the performance and design of IoT devices, yet only a few of them have the in-house RF expertise needed to select the right antenna.

RF Components

Our USB VNAs are used in multiple ways from design to manufacturing to tuning, field monitoring and maintenance of antennas, filters, mixers and other RF Components. Handheld 1-Port cable and antenna analyzers can go anywhere and connect directly to the DUT. 2-port Compact and full-size VNAs support a wide variety of RF component design and manufacturing applications. Cobalt VNAs offer high speed and wide dynamic range needed in BTS filter tuning and semiconductor manufacturing.

Materials Measurement

Our VNAs are used for a variety of materials measurement applications. From NASA estimating fuel levels in the fuel tank with 1-Port reflectometers to Compact and Cobalt analyzers incorporated into portable, table-top free-space measurement systems that take materials RF measurement out of the lab and into the field or manufacturing environment to to measuring moisture and sugar content in crops, liquid level in bottles of soft drinks and other food quality parameters using microwave sensor systems. In collaboration with Compass Technology, a leader in materials measurement systems and solutions, we developed the Epsilometer, a dielectric materials measurement solution up to 6 GHz anchored by our R60 1-Port VNA.


The performance of radomes on aircraft is crucial to maintain. They can experience defects due to wear or impact events that degrade both mechanical and electromagnetic performance. Traditional radome testing often resorts to the crude “tap test” where an operator listens for sound changes with a tapping coin to detect defects. Compass Technology Group is an expert in materials testing and has solutions available with CMT VNAs to more effectively and accurately test radomes on aircraft.


Our cable and antenna analyzers perform lab quality measurements of the S11 parameter for telecommunications testing in the field, in frequency range of 1 MHz to 18 GHz. These patented (US Patent 9,291,657) analyzers can be connected directly to the antenna or other DUT without the need for a test cable, resulting in highly dependable performance and calibration stability. Our CobaltFx system is a cost-effective 5G test & measurement solution up to 110 GHz.

Higher Education

Universities with RF engineering labs have limited budgets, yet future RF engineers need to learn and practice valuable s-parameter measurement skills on modern equipment that fits today’s workplace. Our university customers tell us they were able to outfit a full lab with new CMT Compact series analyzers for the same money as one traditional instrument.  With USB VNAs, measurement setup and results post-processing can be accomplished outside the lab on students’ own PCs, and results can be easily exported into various formats for creating reports and writing papers. The VNA software may be downloaded on multiple students’ laptops and then connected to the measurement module when they need to make measurements.  All their test results are then easily saved on their own PCs. There is no charge for the software, which can be downloaded from our website. To support education of future engineers, CMT offers educational discount of 10%.

Copper Mountain Technologies’ University Kit is a complete solution designed to assist educational institutions as they teach RF skills to engineering students. The kit has three options of vector network analyzer models and includes the calibration module, a few devices under test (DUTs), and accessories necessary for an array of common VNA measurements.

CMT’s University Kit is an affordable way to outfit your lab with RF measurement equipment, providing a practical introduction to vector network analysis. It combines RF theory with a robust hands-on VNA experience. CMT’s applications engineers can assist with creating labs designed to walk students through common VNA measurements.


With the advent of connected vehicle, the role played by RF communications within the vehicle and V2V and V2X communication has increased dramatically, and this is posing new R&D, production and resulting testing requirements before engineers in the automotive industry, calling for test instruments with high measurement speed and accuracy, available at a lower cost so they can be deployed as needed.

We work with OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers. Our USB VNAs help engineers design and manufacture components and modules for telematics and infotainment, onboard communications or control systems, active safety applications, radar, collision avoidance and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Cable & Satellite

The cable TV industry has fully adapted our 75 Ohm solutions for manufacturing and broadcast testing applications. In broadcast TV, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking action to repack the television band by assigning television stations to new channels. This process poses significant challenges for the broadcast industry as repacked television stations need to complete channel moves. Radio stations and non-repacked television stations may also be affected if they are located on or near a tower with a repacked television station. Our Compact VNAs are used to retune mask filters and combiners to comply with the FCC standards and to test and measure antennas, RF systems, and transmitters.


Oil and gas companies use wireless technologies to gather and transmit critical data for managing drilling equipment, pumping systems, and level monitors. These systems must all be operating within their design specifications in order to maintain a robust communication link between the mainland and offshore equipment. Our cable and antenna analyzers perform lab quality measurements of the S11 parameter in the field, in frequency range of 1 MHz to 18 GHz. These patented (US Patent 9,291,657) analyzers can be connected directly to the antenna or other DUT without the need for a test cable, resulting in highly dependable performance and calibration stability.

Consumer Electronics

From audio/video equipment to smart home assistants, wireless home controls, wearables and device chargers, our network analyzers help designers and makers of household name brands ensure that their devices operate and communicate as expected.

Medical Devices

From MRI machines to wearable wellness devices, to remote patient monitoring, RF technology is increasingly incorporated into the design of medical devices. Our customers range from designers and manufacturers of medical equipment to providers of antennas and other RF components for IoT (connected) medical devices, to contract manufacturers of medical systems.