VNAs for Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

VNA-Based ATE System

VNA-Based ATE System

With our USB VNAs your automated test equipment works as one software system running on a single computer. We can customize the analyzer module to fit in your system, provide extra frequency range coverage as compared to our standard VNA models should you need it in your specific application or characterize the expected performance outside the frequency limits of our standard VNAs.

Traditional VNAs introduce latency between the VNA and ATE system’s control PC, resulting in an increase of failure points. USB VNAs deliver the same level of accuracy and performance as traditional instruments, while reducing space utilization, points of failure, and latency and complexity within ATE systems. The same PC that is used for an ATE system’s control and data processing and analysis, can be used for running and automating the VNA software application.  Automation scripts can be developed in various programming languages, including MATLAB, Python, C++, Visual Basic (Excel), LabVIEW, and many others. Automation is available via COM/DCOM (ActiveX) or TCP socket server.


CMT’s Manufacturing Test Plug-in incorporates VNA software into the automated manufacturing process to streamline your measurements and ensure consistency in your results.



PXIe-S5090 USB VNA National Instruments' PXI system

Solution for PXI Environments

The PXIe-S5090 delivers metrology-grade VNA performance and speed to National Instruments’ PXI system. This high-performance vector network analyzer allows testing of two-port devices from the bench to the production floor in a compact, modular form factor. With 138 dB dynamic range and +13 dBm maximum power, this VNA is engineered for short time to first measurement and also for high performance automation with fast test times. Premium features including time-domain measurements and gating are included in standard software. This PXI VNA is available exclusively from National Instruments.

The SC5065  and SC5090  deliver fast and reliable test results in a compact form-factor that is ideal for your production environment.

  • 2-port 2-path measurements
  • Fast measurement speed, better dynamic range, and higher output power
  • Exceptional performance in a lightweight and portable form factor
  • Advanced software features at no additional cost
SC Series Compact VNA

ATE Customer Success Story

AESA Cortaillod has taken advantage of the benefits of Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNAs and has integrated the Compact VNA into their Vega system for Automatic LF/HF measuring system for LAN cables (Cat 5 to Cat 8).

Fitted with ultra-reliable relays, the AESA Cortaillod Vega system offers you the fastest and most reproducible solution on the market to test LAN cables up to 2 GHz. It allows low frequency measurement of pairs and quads (RCKE) as well as high frequency parameters up to 2 GHz.

Different options such as EMC (AC, AS, TI) or alien crosstalk (AXT) functionalities offer considerable flexibility in terms of parameters, thus allowing full characterization of your cable, including shielding parameters.

AESA Cortaillod LAN Embedded VEGA DT

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