Download Free VNA Software

Vector Network Analyzer Software

Download free VNA software and install it on as many computers as needed which allows multiple users to share the same measurement module, while storing measurement data on each individual PC. The R, TR, S2, and S4 network analyzer software can run on both Windows and Linux operating systems. The PXIe_S2 software can run on Windows operating systems only. To download previously released versions of the vector network analyzer software, click here. CMT analyzers use one of the six software applications:

Compatible with 1-Port VNAs

Latest Windows Release 11-15-21 (Version 21.4.0)

Latest Linux Release 02-01-21 (Version 20.3.3)

Compatible with 2-Port, 1-Path Compact VNAs

Latest Windows Release 11-15-21 (Version 21.3.2)

Latest Linux Release 07-07-20 (Version 20.2.2)

Compatible with 2-Port, 2-Path Compact & Cobalt VNAs

Latest Windows Release 11-15-21 (Version 21.3.4)

Latest Linux Release 02-10-21 (Version 21.1.2)

Compatible with PXIe-S5090

Latest Windows Release 11-15-21 (Version 21.3.2)

Compatible with 4-Port Compact and Cobalt VNAs

Latest Windows Release 11-15-21 (Version 21.4.1)

Latest Linux Release 08-07-19 (Version 19.1.1)

Software releases are provided periodically throughout the year, incorporating bug fixes and feature enhancements, and always at no charge. Release notes provide the summary of new features and fixes for each release. Always install the latest version of software for the highest performance and most complete feature set. When you download free VNA software, it can be configured during or after installation to operate either as a software simulation of any instrument in the family, or to control a specific USB VNA model.


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