Copper Mountain Technologies is grateful to be among the nominees in the Scale-Up of the Year Category
for the 2019 TechPoint Mira Awards.
Congratulations to TechPoint on their 20th Anniversary of spotlighting the Best of Tech in Indiana.

Why Partner With CMT

RF engineers are at the forefront of many key business and technology trends today. Copper Mountain Technologies’ USB VNAs provide engineers with test equipment aligned with the demands of modern technology, and our own engineers’ expertise is included with every VNA. We want to be a partner to your company to help you find or create solutions to your technical challenges.


CMT has developed the first high-precision USB VNAs engineered to perform as well or better than traditional instruments, while delivering significant improvements in portability, accessibility, and overall cost of ownership. Our engineers created a new generation of VNAs by separating the measurement module from the processing module and by taking advantage of continued component and technology innovation.


We are emphatic about providing quality customer service and support. Our engineers will respond within 24 hours. We have an accredited calibration lab in accordance with the recognized international standard ISO/IEC 17025 (2005) in our Indianapolis headquarters. However, if you aren’t located nearby we offer calibration software that can be used by your in-house lab or other accredited calibration laboratories around the globe. By focusing on your needs and experience, we’ve built a company where culture, processes and systems center on doing what’s right and consistently striving for excellence.


The result: VNAs to help you extend your reach and realize the full scope of your ideas and products.



Many companies are already using CMT network analyzers to extend their reach. Learn more about it in the case study below.


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