Demo Software

One of the easiest ways to get to know Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs is to explore the instruments directly. All our VNA applications contain built-in emulator modes for each supported instrument, which can be enabled during the initial s/w installation (see below) or turned on and off in the System -> Misc Setup menu


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R Software Download

Compatible with 1-Port VNAs

r windows logo    r linux logo

Release Notes

Latest Windows Release 01-31-19 (Version 19.1.2)

Latest Linux Release 01-22-19(Version 19.1.1)

TR Software Download

Compatible with 2-Port, 1-Path Compact VNAs

tr windows logo    tr linux logo

Release Notes

Latest Windows Release 01-22-19 (Version 19.1.1)

Latest Linux Release 01-22-19 (Version 19.1.1)

S2 Software Download

Compatible with 2-Port, 2-Path M Series, Compact, & Cobalt VNAs

s2 windows logo    s2 linux logo

Release Notes

Latest Windows Release 04-4-19 (Version 19.2.3)

Latest Linux Release 09-25-18 (Version 18.2.1)

S4 Software Download

Compatible with 4-Port Compact and Cobalt VNAs

s4 windows logo    s4 linux logo

Release Notes

Latest Release 01-11-19 (Version 19.1.1)

Latest Linux Release 09-25-18 (Version 18.3.1)


We maintain examples for all the most popular automation programming languages, including MATLAB, Python, C++, and Visual Basic (Excel).


All Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs include support for executable software add-on modules called plug-ins.


Enabling Software Demo Mode

During installation, just tick the box for “Enable Demo Mode”:

You can also select which of the supported instruments should be emulated:

The demo mode setting and instrument selection can always be changed after installation. Visit the “System > Misc Setup” menu and choose a preferred VNA model or to disable Demo mode. Upon re-launch, the settings will be in effect.

Demo mode is a great way to explore the VNA’s software capability and organization, but for assessing VNA measurement performance, we recognize there’s no substitute for a hands-on evaluation. We encourage you to request a Demo instrument evaluation! Please reach out to us today.

And should you have any questions about Demo mode, or if we can help further in any way, please let us know!