Automatic Fixture Removal Plug-in

Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) is an intuitive software plug-in that is used to accurately measure hard to access devices, such as SMD sized components mounted on a fixture by de-embedding the fixture effects. The AFR VNA software plug-in enables the measurement of a wide range of components through comprehensive methods tailored to specific fixture properties. This demo will provide a feel for the intuitive AFR software, which moves the calibration plane towards hard to access DUTs and guides the de-embedding process using either time-gating, filtering, or bisect methods on a 2-port 2xThru or 1xReflect fixture. These methods provide the user with better measurement accuracy and reliability based on the components being tested. The AFR software plug-in is easy to use and is compatible with all CMT 2- and 4-port Cobalt series VNAs up to 20 GHz and Compact series two-port, two-path VNAs up to 44 GHz.

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Software & Documentation

The Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) plug-in uses metrology grade de-embedding algorithms to eliminate fixture effects on your DUT. The AFR plug-in is available for use with Copper Mountain Technologies’ 2- and 4-port VNAs. CMT offers 2xThrough and 1xReflect fixture removal support with three methods that fit different fixture configurations:

  • Time-gating approach is ideal for fixtures with long electrical length of leading transmission lines or for higher frequency options.
  • Filtering algorithm is useful in cases where signals in both parts of the fixture significantly overlap in time domain.
  • Bisect method covers instances with short electrical length of the fixture leading transmission lines and inadequate time domain resolution.

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