Repair Services

If your instrument requires repair, we will be happy to accommodate at either our Indianapolis office or an authorized service center near you. If you need a temporary “loaner” instrument, we will work to provide one so your work is uninterrupted during the diagnosis and repair process.


How to Get Your CMT Instrument Repaired                Request Repair Services

Vector Network Analyzer Diagnostic Test

To help facilitate diagnosis of a suspected instrument malfunction, please find and download the Vector Network Analyzer Diagnostic Test (VNADT) program below. VNADT is a program designed to guide the user through basic diagnostic tests. This application generates a diagnostic report that allows CMT’s support team to quickly assess any Analyzer malfunctions.


The program provides step-by-step instructions for visual inspections, connection checks, USB checks, limit tests, and ACM checks. It then generates a diagnostic report in PDF form to be emailed to CMT support at or by using the button below.


VNA Diagnostic Tool & Operating Manual                 Email Diagnostic Report to Support Team


Authorized Service Centers

Copper Mountain Technologies Europe

R&D Facility and Service Center

Phone: +357 26 221441

Telemeter Electronic

Authorized Service Center

Phone: 0906 70693-0


DT Tech Solutions

Authorized Service Center

Phone: +91 44 6050 2200


TS RF Instruments Co., Ltd.

Authorized Service Center

Phone: +866 3 220 0235



If you think your instrument requires repair services, please find a location above and email us to obtain an RMA number and shipping instructions.