Repair Services

If your instrument requires repair, we will be happy to accommodate at either our Indianapolis office or an authorized service center near you. If you need a temporary “loaner” instrument, we will work to provide one so your work is uninterrupted during the diagnosis and repair process.

How to Get Your CMT Instrument Repaired



To help facilitate diagnosis of a suspected instrument malfunction, please find, download, and “Recall” the state file below that corresponds to your instrument family. With nothing connected to the instrument ports, perform an Auto Scale on all traces, and send us a screenshot for review (System > Print Windows).


For R-series 1-port VNAs, please send two screenshots after a System > Preset: one with nothing connected to the instrument, and one with a 50 Ohm load connected.


Diagnostic Files

S2 Diagnostic State Files                S4 Diagnostic State Files                 TR Diagnostic State Files


Authorized Service Centers

DT Tech Solutions

Authorized Service Center

Phone: +91 44 6050 2200


Telemeter Electronic

Authorized Service Center

Phone: 0906 70693-0


TS RF Instruments Co., Ltd.

Authorized Service Center

Phone: +866 3 220 0235



If you think your instrument requires repair services, please find a location above and email us to obtain an RMA number and shipping instructions.