Vector Network Analyzer Rentals

CMT USB vector network analyzers

Copper Mountain Technologies is committed to offering a convenient, cost-effective way to use lab-quality test equipment on your terms. Equipment rental is perfect for fluctuating budgets, short-term contracts, and highly specialized projects that may not need test equipment on a permanent basis. Renting a vector network analyzer can be a more cost-effective option than purchasing an outdated, used VNA. Availability for rental vector network analyzers may vary, please fill out this form to inquire about VNA rental in the United States.

Terms: Initial rental payment is due before shipment. Subsequent payments are due starting the following month, on the anniversary of the first shipment. Rental Agreement is subject to credit approval.  Copper Mountain Technologies reserves the right to change documentation to correct any errors or omissions. Shipping terms are FOB Indianapolis, IN, USA. Renter is responsible for all applicable taxes and insurance. Renter must sign Rental Agreement as statement of understanding rental rules. Program valid in US only, other countries may contact their local representative for rental and financing options.