Microwave Sensor Systems for Food and Beverage Applications


Quality parameters that can be measured:

  • Moisture or Other Key Ingredient Content
  • Liquid Fill Levels
  • Certain Texture Characteristics

Advantages of Microwave Sensing for Food & Beverage Testing:

  • Non-contact measurements

  • Real-time monitoring

  • In-line quality control

  • Non-destructive

  • Measures through packaging

Key Microwave Sensor System Components


Spot Probes - Radome Scanning with Probe and R180 VNA


Available Stock

R180 1-Port 18 GHz Analyzer

1 MHz – 18 GHz

Custom Software

vna software tips and tricks

Examples of Measurements

Bottle Measurement-06

Quality Monitoring

Quality Monitoring F&B
  • Reflection phase very sensitive to fill level of liquid in bottle
  • Measures through bottle, even optically opaque

Purity Detection

Purity Detection F&B
  • Reflection amplitude sensitive to proportion of honey vs corn syrup
  • Can detect counterfeit honey
Bottle Measurement-02

How We Can Work Together:

  • You bring the problem and RF expertise. We bring the analyzer.
  • You bring the problem. We bring the analyzer and RF expertise.
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