RF Component Testing with a USB Vector Network Analyzer

Using a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) for RF component testing for design and manufacturing is based on how the component performs. The analyzer is used in multiple ways from design to manufacturing to tuning, field monitoring and maintenance of antennas, filters, mixers, amplifiers, circulators, isolators, and other RF components. Key considerations component designers should pay attention to when finding an analyzer that fits their needs is a great dynamic range, low trace noise, and fast measurement speed. 


Copper Mountain Technologies offer great and affordable solutions for RF component testing for manufacturers and designers with 130 dB – 152 dB dynamic range, very low trace noise, and fast measurement speed to provide accurate testing results. We also have many resources for antenna design available on our Resources for IoT Designers page.

Key Considerations:

Dynamic Range

CMT USB Vector Network Analyzers have industry-leading dynamic range and sweep speed. These USB VNAs have a large frequency range with the option of frequency scan segmentation. This allows for optimal use of the device to realize the maximum dynamic range while maintaining high measurement speed, which is ideal for RF component testing.

Measurement Speed

A fast measurement speed is especially important in production environments when you need to do RF component testing quickly on the line. Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs have many models with fast measurement speed, like the Cobalt models with as low as 10 microseconds per point.

measurement of high powered devices rf component testing
Measurement of High Power Devices
Passive RF System Measurements rf component testing
Testing an Amplifier with a 2-Port VNA
automated antenna testing rf component testing
Automated Antenna Testing
J2102B Copper Mountain rf component testing
Power Integrity Measurements
testing and matching pcb antennas testing rf components
Testing and Matching PCB Antennas
using a compact vna with a portable battery
Using Compact USB VNAs with an Off-the-shelf Battery
RF mixer characterization testing rf components
RF Mixer Characterization
Spectral Analysis with a USB Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) testing rf components
Spectral Analysis with a Vector Network Analyzer
in circuit antenna verification rf component testing
In-Circuit Antenna Verification
diplexer testing and antenna testing
Diplexer Tuning with RNVNA Software
AnTune Antenna impedance matching and antenna efficiency measurement demonstration Screenshot
AnTune Antenna Impedance Matching and Antenna Efficiency Measurement Demonstration

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