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mmWave Anechoic Chamber Antenna Measurements

MilliBox & Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) have integrated their products to work together to simplify mmWave Anechoic Chamber Antenna Measurements. The solution makes mmWave anechoic measurements more affordable and accessible to the engineers that need the tools that are typically very bulky and expensive. With MilliBox solution and a 5G VNA from CMT, engineers can experience the advantages of the modular, flexible, and accessible solution.


MilliBox mmWave Antenna Test System consists of a mmWave anechoic chamber and 3D antenna positioner product line. Those products are highly effective for mmWave phase array antenna and RF system designers in 5G, 6G, 60GHz, millimeter-wave radar, automotive radar, 77 GHz, 81 GHz, suitable for individual daily usage. It provides antenna radiation patterns and other key Over-The-Air (OTA) metrics quickly and efficiently.


The solution can be customized with the number of boxes used in the system, giving users modular sections to adjust to far-field measurements or larger DUT size. MilliBox is constructed out of modular cubes which are combined to achieve the far field distance required. For example, MBX02 with two cubes gives a far-field distance of 77cm whereas MBX04 with four cubes can give you a far-field distance of 200cm. MBX0x products are constructed out of 24inch cubes and MBX3x products are made of 30inch cubes.


It is not necessary to purchase all of the modular sections at once, additional sections can be added later. The same is true for Copper Mountain Technologies’ frequency extension system. The base VNA can be purchased first and additional frequency extender modules can be added later to expand the testing range.


Along with the customization, the software uses Python, an open-source code. The system works with whatever your test requires in regard to cables, horns, etc.


To fit testing needs, this whole solution from Copper Mountain Technologies and MilliBox is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems.



Most systems fit easily on the bench. MilliBox ships flat and is collapsible for easy storage or transportation. Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs are also compact and don’t take up much bench space. The solution allows you to keep control of your space and keep your testing system easily accessible when you need to make measurements.

MilliBox chambers compatible with Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs:

Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs compatible with MilliBox chambers:


S5243 2-Port 44 GHz Analyzer

10 MHz – 44 GHz

Available Stock

CobaltFx FET1854 Frequency Extension System, 18 to 54 GHz

18 GHz – 54 GHz

End Of Sale

CobaltFx FEV-12 Frequency Extension System, 60 to 90 GHz

60 GHz – 90 GHz