Build Your Frequency Extension System
Thank you for your interest in the CobaltFx Frequency Extension System. Please fill out the form below and we will provide a price estimate for your system within 1 business day.
Choose a Frequency Range
Please choose the frequency range and number of VNA ports below. 
Frequency Range
18-54 GHz
50-75 GHz
60-90 GHz
75-110 GHz
90-140 GHz
110-170 GHz
140-220 GHz
170-260 GHz
220-330 GHz
Please indicate below if you require a high output power extender module
High Power Module
Choose Accessories
Calibration Kit (model specified based on frequency band of extenders)
Proxi-Flange (improves device durability, measurement consistency, and test repeatability)
Wave-Glide Rail System (eliminates the inter-connecting waveguides, avoids tedious and time-consuming alignment efforts, and increases measurement productivity)
Waveguide Quick Connect (enables fast mating and clamping of flanges for streamlined calibration)
Waveguide Quick Connect with Stand (enables fast mating and clamping of flanges for streamlined calibration with an adjustable stand)
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