mmWave OTA Antenna Test System for Far Field up to 80cm

This complete mmWave over-the-air (OTA) antenna measurement chamber solution is offered in partnership with MilliBox and Eravant and is available for 80 cm far-field measurements in frequency ranges up to 220 GHz. Each OTA bundle is anchored by CMT’s C4209 VNA and includes a benchtop compact anechoic chamber, a 3D antenna positioner (Gimbal), a set of frequency extender modules, sophisticated but intuitive measurement software developed by MilliBox, and other necessary accessories to fully set up a chamber for far-field and sub-THz antenna measurements.


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The mmWave OTA Bundle includes:

  • Chamber 2 large Cube, far field = 80cm
  • Positioner GIM04-300E
  • C4209 9 GHz Cobalt VNA
  • FET-WRXX-Tx extender
  • FET-WRXX-Rx extender
  • Power supplies for VNA and extenders
  • Matching height extender probe post
  • 5 flexible SMA coax for VNA to extender wiring
  • Software in Python
  • Assembly and user manual
  • DUT mount design files on demand
  • Lifetime access to software download site


The system can be anchored by your choice of 6 extenders from Eravant:

  • FET-WR-15 Rx/Tx (50-75 GHz)
  • FET-WR12 Rx/Tx (60-90 GHz)
  • FET-WR10 Rx/Tx (75-110 GHz)
  • FET-WR08 Rx/Tx (90-140 GHz)
  • FET-WR06 Rx/Tx (110-170 GHz)
  • FET-WR05 Rx/Tx (140-220 GHz)



OTA Antenna Test System Data Sheet

This all-in-one OTA bundle solution provides everything needed to accurately test small mmWave antennas. This system provides a low-cost, portable, testing solution for mmWave and sub-THz anechoic chamber antenna measurements. CMT’s OTA systems are ideal for automotive radar, aerospace, and satellite communication antenna applications.


Several configurations of this bundle are available depending on far field measurement requirements, desired frequency range, and gimbal functionality. The combination of affordability and portability will enable multiple systems in a single lab environment for users to simultaneously test multiple antennas.


If you want to consult with our engineers about your specific application’s needs, please Ask an Engineer.

The mmWave OTA Antenna Test System features a sophisticated but intuitive software application developed by MilliBox. The controlling software is entirely written in Python code and supplied to the customer for modification as needed. The software includes various options for gimbal control, all measurement and post processing are accessed through single letter commands and multiple output plot options are available for examining measurement results.



OTA Antenna Test System Data Sheet  | 9 GHz Cobalt VNA Data Sheet


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MSRP $116,645 - $147,995
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