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Longtime Users Remain Bullish on Price/Performance Combination of CMT Analyzers

As a low-quantity manufacturer of custom components, Mitch Bisarya and Networks International Corporation (NIC) understand the importance of precision and value. Since their first purchase in 2012, NIC has witnessed the evolution of CMT products from expanding capabilities and specifications, to the ever-improving software applications available to both Windows® and Linux® users. Above all, the ability to make consistent and repeatable measurements through a universal setup across multiple instruments has turned NIC into loyal users of CMT VNAs.


Networks International Corporation is a global manufacturer of custom RF & Microwave components. For more than 30 years, NIC has partnered with its customers to transfer value through superior engineering design, quality, manufacturing, and customer support. NIC designs and manufactures a best-of-class mix of RF & Microwave filters and assemblies.  NIC has more than 100 years of combined RF design experience and an extensive design library.

Customer Quote: Mitch Bisarya (v3)

Networks International Corporation has been using CMT VNAs to characterize passive custom components such as filters, diplexers, and various other integrated components for nearly a decade. When NIC’s Director of Business Development, Mitul (Mitch) Bisarya, first purchased from CMT he was impressed with the price and performance combination of the VNAs. “Copper Mountain Technologies offered a cost-competitive solution with equal performance,” said Bisarya. The USB form factor also stood out to users at NIC, “We liked having a software platform that enabled file transfer from one analyzer to another because it allows for consistency of setup,” explained Bisarya. That flexibility is critical when working with custom, low volume components, because it ensures NIC’s ability to maintain customer requirements by establishing a universal setup across all their test stations. “We were able to do that with previous (competitor) products, it just wasn’t as seamless as it is with CMT VNAs,” noted Bisarya.


Since their first purchase, Networks International Corporation has been buying from CMT on a semi-annual basis. They now have upwards of ten VNAs including various Compact Series analyzers and a Cobalt C1409, which is one of their newest purchases. Mitch has witnessed an evolution of product offerings from Copper Mountain Technologies over the years. “The frequency range availability has expanded, and the software is consistently improving over time.” Mitch credited the software improvements to CMT’s “ear to the customer” support, recalling conversations where he’s suggested features that could enhance the user experience and later finding his feedback implemented into future versions of the software.

Customer Quote: Mitch Bisarya (v1)

After years of using CMT analyzers Bisarya sees no reason to go back to traditional VNA instrumentation. His advice to colleagues? “Embrace them more. The interface is still a huge advantage with the ability to have a software platform that can be regularly updated in addition to the impressive performance capabilities,” said Bisarya. “The usability, price, and performance have all remained excellent. “


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