CMT provides a complete solution for Verus Research R&D applications

When Verus Research purchased Copper Mountain Technologies’ R60 1-Port 6 GHz analyzer for R&D applications to meet their customer’s requirements they received more than just a VNA. Support from CMT’s applications engineers enhanced the user experience and helped Verus Research optimize their measurements. Metrology-grade VNA performance and support from expert engineers working as an extension of the team enabled Verus Research to achieve their goals.  

Verus Research is an elite team of scientists and research engineers with compelling experience in advanced electromagnetic simulation and analysis, microwave system modeling, design and implementation, nuclear systems analysis, radiation effects, and more. Verus Research delivers the ideal combination of critical thinking, unrivaled expertise, and state-of-the-art technologies to provide customers with tailored answers for their specific needs, consistently ranking among New Mexico’s fastest growing R&D companies.


Sameer Hemmady is the Director of Research and Development for Verus Research. His team works in R&D for customers in the federal sector including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA. They are involved in applications such as directed energy, satellite communications, electronic warfare and RF antenna design. The R60 VNA was Sameer’s first purchase from Copper Mountain Technologies. He was drawn to its compact form factor and rugged performance which suited several of their R&D projects. “For our applications, the fidelity of the R60 is more than sufficient,” said Hemmady


Verus Research designed the antenna for the Air Force Research Lab’s Tactical High-Power Operational Responder (THOR) system (pictured above). Verus Research utilized CMT’s VNA products for calibration and measurements of components leading up to the final assembly.

Sameer Hemmady Quote

Sameer was quickly drawn to the instrument’s ease of use, praising it as a ‘well-built’ VNA. Verus Research uses the software’s free time gating feature for radar imaging measurements and testing RF propagation in the field. “Sometimes it really helps to have an instrument that fits in your pocket and can be taken outdoors to make quick measurements or assessments rather than dealing with bulky equipment,” explained Hemmady.  In combination with the performance of his VNA, Sameer was also pleased with the technical support he received from CMT’s applications engineers. “Speedy technical support was really helpful when I wanted to hook up the instrument to MATLAB automation,” said Hemmady. CMT’s engineers provided a skeleton script of what was needed for Sameer’s measurements which reduced set-up time and eliminated complications. “I was able to use the automation script to quickly pursue my experiment.”

Following a positive experience with the R60, and in pursuit of ongoing U.S. Government-sponsored R&D programs, Verus Research has procured four additional VNAs from CMT, another R60, an R140 1-Port 14 GHz Analyzer, S5085 2-port 8.5 GHz Analyzer, and the Cobalt C1420 20GHz VNA. The complete solution of well-rounded VNAs and comprehensive support provided by CMT have turned Sameer Hemmady and Verus Research into a repeat customer and advocate for Copper Mountain Technologies.


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