RF Testing in the Aerospace Industry

USB vector network analyzers (VNAs) are a better fit for secure environments than traditional instruments. Taking traditional network analyzers in and out of secure environments is a lot of work, requiring removable hard drives, data purging procedures and oversight over those data purging procedures. With USB VNAs the computer that stores and processes the data is separate from the measurement module, so, as long as the computer stays in the secure area, all data concerns are eliminated, and the data measurement module can easily move between laboratories and sites. The measurement module has only volatile memory, so no data is retained, and the separate PC can be made secure following standard security protocols.

USB Vector Network Analyzers for Aerospace & Defense


Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) USB VNAs allow for easier use in secure environments. This is due to fact that the data isn’t stored within the VNA, but on a laptop or tablet. The secure data can be removed from the testing lab and kept secure.

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CMT's CobaltFx systems provide a scalable and affordable 5G testing solution for millimeter wave frequencies. The system can be used for a variety of applications including antenna range measurements, material characterization, wafer s-parameter measurements, & more. CMT's CobaltFx systems are available in four measurement bands up to 110 GHz and Cobalt VNAs are compatible with 3rd party extenders for measurements up to 330 GHz.

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