AnTune Antenna Impedance Matching and Antenna Efficiency Measurement Demonstration

AnTune software helps to make your vector network analyzer make smart antenna measurements. AnTune software assists in designing antennas and RF impedance networks. The software runs on PC/Windows operating systems and can communicate with a vector network analyzer over GPIB/USB/LAN for automatic design optimizing. Embedded antenna, impedance matching, filter design, and irregular impedance matching for optimized TIS and TRP is easy handled.


AnTune calculates the optimized network and selects the best topology in real time. It can even measure antenna efficiency in real time at lab bench as this video shows. In the video, Alf at AnTune uses an R60 1-Port USB vector network analyzer.


AnTune antenna measurement software delivers live optimized network matching results based on live data from a vector network analyzer or by importing S-parameters from a file.


The main focus of the software is to improve embedded antennas and SMD RF filter performance. AnTune can auto select the best network topology and number of poles or the user can select a preferred topology.


Select your preferred type of inductors and capacitors, many installed in the software already, or add your preferred brand and type of component.


It is easy to add compensations for hand-effect, TIS and TRP-curves, setting for wanted high loss at certain frequencies, conjugate matching from any complex curve to any complex curve and much more.


If you can handle a vector network analyzer, there is almost no learning curve as most settings are done automatically in the software and there are no fancy multi-level sub-menus with cryptic settings. Just start the AnTune software and find out why this tool will give you numerous advantages that not exist in any other software.


A VNA with GPIB/USB/LAN connection is needed for full use of AnTune advantages but it is also possible to test software by import/export Touchstone files.


For more information about how to measure antenna efficiency, visit this page. Go here to learn more about the integration with Copper Mountain Technologies and AnTune.