Non-Destructive Microwave Evaluation of Radome Performance

Radomes can experience defects due to wear or impact events that degrade both mechanical and electromagnetic performance. Traditional radome testing often resorts to the crude “tap test” where an operator listens for sound changes with a tapping coin to detect defects. CTG has developed new and improved methods that integrate rugged microwave sensors and Copper Mountain Technologies’ portable VNAs to significantly improve diagnostic testing of radomes.


This webinar will provide a brief overview of the theory of microwave NDE methods for radome characterization. We will then demonstrate both handheld and robotic testing of radomes with integrated wideband spot probes and miniaturized VNAs.


Join Copper Mountain Technologies and Compass Technology Group’s Dr. John Schultz as he demonstrates state-of-the-art techniques to evaluate Radome performance.

Non-Destructive Microwave Evaluation of Radome Performance 
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