VNAs for Materials Measurement

Perfect for Lab and Field Testing

Our VNAs are used for a variety of materials measurement applications. From NASA estimating fuel levels in the fuel tank with 1-Port reflectometers to Compact and Cobalt analyzers incorporated into portable, table-top free-space measurement systems that take materials RF measurement out of the lab and into the field or manufacturing environment to to measuring moisture and sugar content in crops, liquid level in bottles of soft drinks and other food quality parameters using microwave sensor systems.


The NEW Epsilometer measures dielectric properties of materials to 6 GHz. The use of vector network analyzers is an efficient and reliable approach to measure and optimize the dielectric properties of tested materials.


Materials Measurement Integration

Compass Technology Group (CTG) is focused on taking innovative materials measurement research to product. CTG integrates Copper Mountain Technologies’ network analyzers into their systems with probes. Their systems include conventional and advanced measurements, such as free space, resonant cavity, and waveguides.

Together with CMT, Compass Technology Group has developed the Epsilometer solution for measuring the dielectric properties of materials measures dielectric substrate materials at frequencies from 3 MHz up to 6 GHz and can accommodate sheet specimens 0.3 to 3 mm thick.

Compass Technology Group (CTG) & Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) have developed advanced microwave sensor systems for non-contact measurements to monitor real-time / in-line quality of packaged food.

Learn About New Technology for Materials Measurement

Newdevs and laptop

New Developments in Microwave Materials Measurement

Epsilometer hooked up to iPAD

A New Dielectric Analyzer for Rapid Measurement of Microwave Substrates up to 6 GHz

Materials Measurement title page (w/ sonomatic logo)

On-Demand Webinar:Using Microwaves for Materials Measurement

Video: Principles of Operation

Principles of Operation of the Epsilometer

Demo Video: Epsilometer

Demo of the Epsilometer, Dielectric Materials Measurement Solution

MM without cables

Microwave Material Measurements Without Cables

2 robots at work

Robotically-Controlled Materials Measurement System

Handheld 1-port VNA

Handheld Materials Measurement for Liquids

Inspection Image with labels

Validating Weld Integrity in HDPE - Sonomatic's Materials Measurement Solution

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