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Materials Measurement

Compass Technology Group (CTG) is focused on taking innovative materials measurement research to product. CTG integrates Copper Mountain Technologies’ network analyzers into their systems with probes. Their systems include conventional and advanced measurements, such as free space, resonant cavity, and waveguides.


CTG can also assist with non-destructive, real time testing of food and beverage quality parameters, such as moisture and sugar levels in crops, liquid level in bottled beverages, and woody chicken breasts. Systems containing purpose-built antennas and microwave analyzers direct radio signal at materials under test and measure transmission and reflection parameters. Those results are translated into information about important quality parameters in food and beverage testing.


Together with CMT, Compass Technology Group has developed the Epsilometer solution for measuring the dielectric properties of materials measures dielectric substrate materials at frequencies from 3 MHz up to 6 GHz and can accommodate sheet specimens 0.3 to 3 mm thick.



Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs incorporated into Compass Technology Group’s Materials Measurement Solutions:



Epsilometer - Dielectric Materials Measurement

3 MHz - 6 GHz


R60 1-Port 6 GHz Analyzer

1 MHz - 6 GHz


S5180 2-Port 18 GHz Analyzer

100 kHz - 18 GHz


C1220 2-Port 20 GHz Analyzer

100 kHz - 20 GHz


Other Compass Technology Group Materials Measurement Solutions:




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