Utilizing RF wireless technology for device manufacturers and wireless developers in the medical industry.

Copper Mountain Technologies Has a Solution for Testing Wireless Technology in Medical Devices

As more medical devices become wireless, manufacturers will be looking for compact and affordable solutions for testing wireless antennas and components, like USB vector network analyzers. According to the FDA, manufacturers must consider the type of wireless technology, quality of service, coexistence, security, and EMC when choosing how to implement and test RF wireless technology. To learn more about this new technology download the FDA’s guide, “RF Wireless Technology in Medical Devices Guidance” here


CMT’s Epsilometer solution covers the frequency ranges typical to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices and is ideal for testing antennas performance when mounted on or embedded in the materials used for wearable electronics and medical devices.


Download this FAQ to learn about the role of vector network analyzers in the medical industry and examine why wireless coexistence is a concern, how to address it, and the potential consequences of not doing so. 



Copper Mountain Technologies' USB VNAs allow for easier use in secure environments. This is due to fact that the data isn’t stored within the VNA, but on a laptop or tablet. The secure data can be removed from the testing lab and kept secure.

Wireless Coexistence

Although wireless coexistence is not properly addressed in IEC 60601-1-2 standard, research is ongoing for the FDA to facilitate innovative use of wireless technology in medical devices. Wireless coexistence testing helps eliminate the risk of interference and provide safe products. CMT is aware of this risk and will work with you to use VNAs to properly operate wireless antenna testing for use in a potentially shared environment.

Antenna Design for Wireless Devices

The reliability and performance of a wireless medical device depends heavily on the reliability and performance of its antenna. Antenna performance is a crucial link for integrating a wireless device into its ecosystem. Below, you will find a list of key considerations for antenna design in wireless medical devices.

Service Quality

New technology can often be a challenge, but our expert engineers are always at your disposal. Application support is just a click or call away. Our engineers work as an extension of your team and will be with you from start to finish to ensure you make accurate measurements for your application with our VNAs.

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