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What are dBm?

March 22, 2023

RF signal power is often expressed in a logarithmic format. dBm refers to the ratio of the RF power to 1 milliwatt in logarithmic format. For instance, 1 Watt is 1000 milliwatts, so the ratio is 1000 and Log10(1000) gives 30 dBm. In general:

The RMS voltage of an RF signal in a characteristic impedance R is given by:

Some RMS and peak voltages in a 50Ω system are shown in the table below.

Table – RMS and Pk RF Voltage vs dBm

Notably, the peak RF voltages at +10 dBm and +30 dBm are 1V and 10V respectively. This is useful to know when evaluating low frequency signal levels with an oscilloscope.

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