Lizard Lessons - Calibration Types On-Demand Webinar Recording

Calibrating VNAs is an important step in making accurate measurements with vector network analyzers. We find many people have good questions on the proper calibration of USB VNAs. We felt this topic was so important that CMT Senior RF Design Engineer Brian Walker conducted a webinar about the different types of calibration for network analyzers. The types of calibration that were covered were:

  • SOLT/SOLR Calibration
  • TRL Calibration
  • Waveguide Calibration

He also reviewed in the webinar how the standards for calibration are defined. The advantages and setbacks of different types of calibrations were also covered in this webinar. Additional information on conducting calibration with a SOLR (Unknown Thru) method is available to read. Copper Mountain Technologies T4311 SOLT calibration kit was used in this webinar and additional CMT VNA calibration kits can be found here.

App Note on Design & Fabrication of a TRL Calibration Kit

If you have additional questions about the calibration of VNAs, please reach out to our engineers for support. The slides from the webinar are available here.