Remote Measurements of Horn Antennas with RNVNA Software

In this video, Brian Walker, Senior RF Design Engineer at Copper Mountain Technologies demonstrates how to utilize RNVNA software for multiport remote measurement to analyze the S21 parameter of 2 horn antennas. For the demonstration he uses one horn antenna connected to an R60 1-Port USB VNA from Copper Mountain Technologies running on his computer with the RNVNA software. The other horn antenna is being measured by a second R60 VNA that is being run by an additional computer and connected to the RNVNA software running on the first computer using HelpWire Software. He indicates how you can optimize the link between two or more horn antennas.


remote measurements horn antennaA real world application of this remote measurement technology would be horn antennas transmitting across cities and using the software to optimize the link in real time using multiple antennas, multiple VNAs, and multiple operators at the different horn antenna locations viewing the response on their own laptop.