RNVNA Multiport Testing Solution

Copper Mountain Technologies RNVNA solution is a customizable multiport network analysis solution for antennas and other 5G applications. RNVNA builds on the capabilities of CMT 1-Port USB vector network analyzers.


RNVNA links up to 16 analyzers together into a multiport network analysis system, allowing users to measure vector reflection and scalar transmission parameters. RNVNA is compatible with all Copper Mountain Technologies’ 1-Port USB VNAs with frequency ranges up to 6 GHz (R60), 14 GHz (R140), and 18 GHz (R180).


The RNVNA solution incorporates shelving for mounting the VNAs. Each shelf is designed to fit a 19-inch rack mounting system and can house up to eight VNAs. Frequency and trigger synchronizing devices are offered as options to increase measurement speed. Note: FD and TD do not support the R140 1-port VNAs.


Pricing for the RNVNA is determined by the configuration.

Example Configuration

8 R60 VNAs with a shelf,  Accessories, and Software with Frequency Distributor: $34,450 | with Trigger Distributor: $40,510

– Frequency range: 1 MHz to 18 GHz

– Impedance: 50 Ohm

– The database is populated up to a permittivity of 25

– Suitable for testing ceramics (sample surface must be flat)



RNVNA Information Sheet

RNVNA is an effective multiport analysis solution for MIMO antenna arrays in applications such as manufacturing, 5G, and more. RNVNA is used for various vector reflection and scalar transmission parameter measurements including return loss, isolation, and resonance frequency.


View our Applications page to see how CMT VNAs are already extending the reach of engineers in many industries and applications.


If you want to consult with our engineers about your specific application, please Ask an Engineer.

RNVNA software allows users to manage multiple 1-Port VNAs performing required measurements. A free version of the RNVNA software for systems using up to three 1-Port VNAs can be downloaded below, a license file is required to support four and more instruments.



RNVNA Information Sheet


RNVNA Software | RNVNA License Installation Guide

*free version of the RNVNA software for systems using up to three 1-Port VNAs


R Programming Manual (SCPI)R Programming Manual (COM)

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