Vector Network Analysis for Medical Applications

We have gathered information about both applications to help you to find the solution that will best help you. To learn more about these applications of vector network analysis, choose a measurement type below.

wireless medical device testing wireless antenna testing

1. Test wireless devices

As more medical devices become wireless, manufacturers will be looking for compact and affordable testing solutions for wireless components. Copper Mountain Technologies’ USB vector network analyzers provide portable, cost-effective network analysis solutions for medical wireless device applications.

Wireless Medical Device Testing

2. Perform diagnostic tests

RF materials measurement is increasingly used in diagnostic testing. Fast, portable, and accurate instruments are important when doing medical materials measurement.


R180 1-Port 18 GHz VNA

R180 Vector Network Analyzer (cable and antenna analyzer) delivers lab grade performance in a handheld device. This patented (US Patent 9,291,657) analyzer can be connected directly to the antenna or other DUT without the need for a test cable, eliminating measurement uncertainties inherent to cables. Resulting in highly dependable performance and calibration stability. The 1-port VNA comes with all the features engineers have come to expect included standard in our software.

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R180 1-Port 18 GHz Analyzer

1 MHz - 18 GHz

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S5065 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer

9 kHz - 6.5 GHz

S5065 6.5 GHz VNA

The S5065 Vector Network Analyzer delivers lab grade performance in a compact package, with all the features engineers have come to expect included standard in our software. S5065 VNA includes an RF measurement module and S2 software application which runs on Windows or Linux operating system on a PC, laptop, tablet, or x86 board computer connecting to the measurement via USB interface. S2 software can be installed on multiple computers, making it easy to share the use of the analyzer measurement module.

Copper Mountain Technologies' Products


1-Port USB VNAs to 18 GHz


Compact USB VNAs to 44 GHz


Cobalt USB VNAs to 20 GHz


75 Ohm Solutions to 3 GHz


mmWave Solutions to 330 GHz

Leaders in Customer Value

Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award 5

Frost & Sullivan has presented Copper Mountain Technologies with the 2020 Customer Value Leadership Awardin recognition of the company’s strategic innovation, technical excellence, and uniquely cost-effective and highvalue offerings in the global vector network analyzers industry.  


Frost & Sullivan has previously presented Copper Mountain Technologies with the 2017 Global Product Leadership Award for product excellence, and the 2015 Global Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award for developing the first metrology-grade USB VNAs. 

Celebrating 10 Years of Empowering Engineers

In 2011, Copper Mountain Technologies launched the industry’s first metrology-grade USB VNA. This gave users access to affordable and portable instrumentation without sacrificing performance. Since then, our focus has been empowering engineers with flexible VNA solutions backed by comprehensive support from an expert team of applications engineers.


Over the past decade, CMT’s product line has expanded to include over 30 instruments and application specific solutions for frequency ranges up to 110 GHz, including options for direct receiver access, frequency extension, easy system integration, and software compatibility for both Windows and Linux OS. As our product offerings have evolved, our commitment to customer support remains unchanged. We deliver solutions that extend the reach of engineers, with our own RF engineers supporting your team to help design/perform your measurements and ensure effective system integration.


As we reflect on this milestone of ten years in operation, CMT is especially thankful for the users who have embraced our products and paved the way for a new kind of VNA solution. Our success depends on yours. Thank you for your partnership.

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