Utilizing RF testing instruments for device manufacturers in the medical industry.

9 GHz VNA Used in MammoWave® Breast Cancer Detection System

UBT’s MammoWave® Breast Cancer Detection System addresses the need for better breast cancer screening techniques, providing a safer and cost-effective alternative as a complementary imaging modality to mammograms. Copper Mountain Technologies’ 2-port C1209 9 GHz VNA is at the core of the MammoWave® system. The microwave measurements for MammoWave® are driven by Copper Mountain Technologies’ Cobalt C1209 high-performance VNA, determining the difference between a healthy area and a possible sick zone.

Wireless Medical Device Testing

Time Domain Reflectometry

The Time Domain measurement mode of a vector network analyzer allows the designer to measure the characteristic impedance of a transmission line over distance or to determine the position of an impedance change. TDR performed using a VNA allows for the measurement to be made in a narrow RF bandwidth with a corresponding large improvement in signal to noise ratio. Watch the video linked above to learn more about using time domain for diagnostic testing in the medical industry.


Copper Mountain Technologies’ USB VNAs allow for easier use in secure environments. This is due to fact that the data isn’t stored within the VNA, but on a laptop or tablet. The secure data can be removed from the testing lab and kept secure.

Epsilometer - Dielectric Materials Measurement

CMT’s Epsilometer solution covers the frequency ranges typical to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi devices and is ideal for testing antennas performance when mounted on or embedded in the materials used for wearable electronics and medical devices.

Cobalt Series USB VNAs

Our Cobalt Vector Network Analyzers deliver industry-leading dynamic range and sweep speed, with all the features engineers have come to expect included standard in our software. We offer the Cobalt series in both 9 GHz and 20 GHz.