Original Metrology-Grade USB VNAs to EXTEND YOUR REACH Since 2011

Since the first VNA for S-parameter measurement came out in the 1960s, users have been making measurements. However, the bulky size, outdated operating systems, and high cost created challenges for engineers. Copper Mountain Technologies saw a need and went to work.


In 2011, CMT released the first ever metrology-grade USB VNA. This opened a world of new possibilities for VNA users. Thousands of engineers started using our USB VNAs, which caused established VNA providers to follow our lead.


CMT continues to innovate giving engineers new capabilities and improving your workflow. We don’t expect every project to fit neatly into our box. We aim to extend the reach of engineers by fitting into yours. We designed our analyzers for easy customization, to deliver a high performing custom VNA solution at a lower cost.

In 2011, CMT released the first ever metrology-grade USB VNA, using our own custom connectors to improve cost and accuracy. This opened a world of new possibilities for VNA users.
Compact USB Vector Network Analyzer TR1300/1 2-Port VNA with Filter

When engineers needed to bring the VNA closer to the DUT and to reduce cost and measurement instability of test cables, the patented handheld 1-Port USB VNA didn’t require a measurement cable, making measurements more accurate.

patented r60 reflectometer 1-port vna vector network analyzer antenna analyzer

Engineers in production environments needed a compact, secure, and fast VNA with Direct Receiver, so we built the first USB VNAs with Direct Receiver Access. This VNA occupied less production space and gave engineers the ability to make accurate s-parameter measurements of high-power devices for applications like load pull and increased speed and accessibility for automated scripts.


Engineers needed to easily bring the VNA to the DUT, and not the other way around. The versatile Compact USB VNAs to 8.5 GHz provides full feature performance in a compact package, ideal for travel and field testing.

portable vector network analyzer vna compact network analyzer

Engineers needed faster VNAs with wider dynamic range in production environments, so we created the 9 and 20 GHz Cobalt Series USB VNAs with up to 152 dB Dynamic Range and 10 µs Measurement Speed.


Engineers needed a scalable VNA solution for higher frequencies at the lowest cost to develop 5G solutions. We created the first 18-110 GHz Frequency Extension System anchored by a 9 GHz USB VNA.

USB Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) FET Frequency Extender up to 54 GHz

Higher frequency ranges for materials measurement and component testing were needed for engineers so we made the 18 GHz 1-Port USB VNA, capable of making S11 measurements.

1-Port USB Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) R180 with Compass Robotic Arms

There was a need for a portable and affordable dielectric materials measurement solution so we created the Epsilometer which measures up to 6 GHz and calculates permittivity.

Many applications require use of Linux so we released the first and only VNA software for Linux® Operating System.

linux logo

Recognizing the importance of providing a range of solutions, we created four series of Compact VNAs, allowing users to select the features, performance, and price point that suites them. The new M Series of Compact VNAs are economy network analyzers that are at a more affordable price point for those who don’t need advanced software features, such as time domain, mixer measurements, or advanced calibration. The new SC Series Compact VNAs are the high performing portable 2-port VNAs with 140 dB dynamic range, 16 µs measurement speed, and wider output power.

 affordable m series vna portable compact vector network analyzerhigh performance accurate vna compact network analyzer portable

National Instruments PXI users needed a fast and accurate VNA for S-parameter measurements. In 2019, we entered a strategic relationship with NI and launched the PXIe-S5090 9 GHz 2-port VNA.

Copper Mountain Technologies PXI S5090 Analyzer

The need for portable, compact VNAs better suited for applications needing faster measurements and better dynamic range caused the creation of the SC Series VNAs with 16 µs measurement speed, dynamic range up to 140 dB and wider output power.

sc vna high dynamic range network analyzer fast measurement speed usb vna

The University Kit is a complete solution designed to assist educational institutions as they teach RF skills to engineering students.  It combines RF theory with a robust hands-on VNA experience. University Kit Solution for teaching RF

The S5243 2-port 44 GHz Analyzer is our highest frequency Compact VNA meeting the demand for affordable higher-frequency testing capabilities.

S5243 2-port 43.5 GHz Analyzer