Starter mmWave Measurements

This webinar will demonstrate Eravant’s VNA frequency extenders and their ability to perform full two-port S-parameter measurements of millimeter-wave components. The example test system will include Eravant’s Proxi-FlangeTM waveguide adapters, as well as the Wave-GlideTM positioning system. The VNA frequency extenders add full waveguide-band frequency coverage to several industry-standard coaxial VNAs, including models available from Copper Mountain Technologies. Proxi-Flange contactless waveguide flanges enable fast and repeatable connections between VNA frequency extenders and the waveguide components being tested. The Wave-Glide positioning system further streamlines component testing by maintaining the alignment between VNA frequency extenders and the components being tested while providing an easy and reliable method of inserting and removing tested components. Eravant’s metrology-grade calibration kits and Quick-Connect waveguide assembly tools will also be demonstrated.