Introduction to Load Pull Webinar Recording

Copper Mountain Technologies and Maury Microwave s-parameter uncertainty and load pull measurements

This on-demand webinar covers the A-Z of load pull, starting from basic concepts and techniques and ending in real-life examples of common applications. Viewers of the webinar will learn the reasons why we perform this measurement, the various methodologies along with their advantages and disadvantages, dive into the applications of power amplifier (PA) design, model extraction and model validation, and finally, see examples of applying vector-receiver load pull using Copper Mountain Technologies’ Cobalt-series VNAs to these applications.


Learn more about performing load pull measurements with Maury Microwave and Copper Mountain Technologies in the solutions brochure here.


If you have additional questions about this type of measurement using VNAs, please reach out to our engineers for support or to Maury Microwave. You can learn about the integration of Copper Mountain Technologies and Maury Microwave here.