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Why Antenna Performance is Important

Reliability and performance of the IoT devices depend on reliability and performance of its antenna. Connection to the cloud and data transmission are jeopardize if the antenna is not performing as expected. An efficient, reliable antenna also helps avoid too much drain on the device’s battery. 

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In IoT, design form factor is critical, and space is at a premium. Antennas need space to “breathe” (radiate efficiently), so even when the right antenna was selected, if the device design doesn’t provide the appropriate antenna volume required by physics, the overall system will perform poorly. Device enclosure, antenna location and other components also affect antenna performance, so the antenna needs to be tested on its own and “in place”, to ensure good device connectivity. 

Being the last component of the front-end architecture, poo antenna performance will induce poor radiated power or poor receiving sensitivity and potential expensive callbacks and/or project failures. 

How to Improve Your Antenna Performance

IoTestTM software is easy to use and walks you step-by-step through connecting the antenna, calibrating the analyzer, testing sample antennas in the kit and comparing your test results with memory traces for each sample antenna saved in the software. Once you master working with the sample antennas, the software will walk you through a similar process of testing your selected antenna on its own and in the device. The software also includes help and educational materials on antenna performance.

The R60 Antenna Analyzer simplifies the complex measurements that must be performed to determine whether the antenna is right for your device. It allows you to measure the most critical parameter – the Return Loss of your antenna. The R60 Antenna Analyzer consists of a measurement module and a processing module, which is a software application running on a Windows PC, laptop or tablet, connecting to the measurement hardware via USB interface.


The broad range of sample IoT antennas included in the kit covers the full range of IoT frequencies.

IoT Antenna Test Kit Includes

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R60 Antenna Analyzer

Antenna Testing Software

Sample Antennas

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PulseLarsen backs the IoTestTM kit with its years of antenna design and manufacturing expertise, and its experienced antenna professionals are accessible 24-7, to consult with you and help you select the right antenna and build the right device enclosure.


IoTestTM is powered by Copper Mountain Technologies’ antenna analyzer. IoTestTM is a trademark of Copper Mountain Technologies.