Full-Size VNA Series

The Full-Size VNA Series are full-size analyzers providing lab-grade performance in a 19-inch chassis. The VNAs have both 2- and 4-port configurations and one with a direct receiver access. All devices are ATE compatible, rack-mountable, and easy to program and share between multiple users. These full-size analyzers are designed for operation with any Windows or Linux operating system on a PC, laptop, or tablet, or x86 board computer. The free, lightweight VNA software connects to the full-size VNAs with a standard USB cable, creating a future-proof solution that significantly enhances ease of use compared with conventional instruments.


These VNAs provide a wide variety of analysis capabilities, including time domain with gating and automatic port extension, at no additional cost. They can be integrated into a production test system via the Manufacturing Test plug-in.


With two independent signal sources, the 808/1 Network Analyzer is ideal for mixer and converter measurements. The 808/1 Network Analyzer software supports fixture simulation for a variety of single-ended and balanced topologies, enabling tests of differential devices without an external balun.

Full-Size VNA Series

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304/1 3.2 GHz Analyzer

100 kHz – 3.2 GHz