Present and Future of 75Ω in Vector Network Analysis

In this webinar, Eddy Vanderkerken of SOURCERER will discuss the current market for 75 Ohm VNAs and highlight some of the best calibration tools and accessories available for 75 Ohm analyzers. Then he’ll discuss the key differences in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm connectors, followed by a couple of live measurement demonstrations, before offering insight into the future of 75 Ohm measurements and answering listener-submitted questions.


The measurement demonstrations performed by CMT’s Brian Walker include a 470 MHz LPF measurement using CMT’s SC7540 VNA​ and an evaluation of a 75 Ohm cable up to 12 GHz using CMT’s S5180B VNA with 50-to-75-ohm mechanical adapters​.