Using Third Party Frequency Extenders with CMT VNAs

Copper Mountain Technologies has a number of frequency extension modules available from 18 to 110 GHz to work with our frequency extender compatible vector network analyzers. However, CMT understands that some applications require higher frequencies for testing. The frequency extension module compatible CMT Cobalt network analyzers are able to be used with third party frequency extenders, like the modules from Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI). In this video Patrick Li, an Applications Engineer at Copper Mountain Technologies, explains how to use VDI frequency modules with CMT VNAs for an affordable and accurate mmWave testing solution up to 330 GHz.


You can learn more about using VDI frequency extender modules here.


The total cost of the system depends on the selected VNA. Third-party extenders, including VDI extenders, only work with 20 GHz CMT VNAs and most solutions require one booster kit for 2-port VNAs (C4220) and two booster kits for 4-port VNAs (C4420). The extenders are packaged in small and versatile enclosures that allow for flexible port arrangements. WR8, WR6.5, WR5.1, WR4.3, and WR3.4 VDI extender modules are available for use with CMT VNAs. The system can be used for a variety of applications including antenna range measurements, material characterization, wafer s-parameter measurements, automotive radar & sensor testing, etc.