Using MilliBox System with Copper Mountain Technologies CobaltFx FET1854 mmWave Extenders

Jean-Marc from MilliBox discusses the integration of the MilliBox mmWave test system with Copper Mountain Technologies VNAs. For this demonstration, he uses a C4209 CobaltFx series VNA with 2 FET 1854 extenders, giving a range of 18 GHz to 54 GHz. After a brief overview of the setup, Jean-Marc gives a practical demonstration of the integration.  


The extenders can be placed close to the measurement points thanks to this setup, which is beneficial to the measurement process, as MilliBox is modular and can be expanded to a far field distance of 2m and beyond.


Another benefit of using this setup is the USB aspect of Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs – the VNA UI and the MilliBox Python controller appear on one PC screen.