Materials Measurement

SPEAG’s electromagnetic antenna products are compatible with Copper Mountain Technologies instruments. SPEAG’s mission is to expand and strengthen its position as the leading developer and manufacturer of the most reliable, efficient, user-friendly, and advanced numerical tools and instrumentation for the accurate evaluation of electromagnetic near- and far-fields from static to optical frequencies.


DAK – Dielectric Assessment Kit Product Line

What are DAK, DAKS, and DAK-TL?

The Dielectric Assessment Kit (DAK) product line offers high-precision dielectric parameter measurements (permittivity, conductivity, loss tangent) over the very broad frequency range from 4 MHz to 67 GHz for applications in the electronic, chemical, food, and medical industries. The product line consists of 1) DAK single probes solutions, 2) DAK Systems, and 3) DAK-TL-P the first system ever able to measure thin-layer materials and small volumes of liquids.

DAKS is based on the same probe technology as the single probe DAK versions but with the vector reflectometer integrated to eliminates phase distortions due to cable movements, i.e., the probes are moved to the object under test; with a single probe, the probe and cable must remain stationary, which can complicate certain measurements.


Currently, two versions of DAKS are offered:

DAKS-12: 4 MHz – 3 GHz, with integrated with the R60 1-Port VNA

DAKS-3.5: 200 MHz – 14 GHz with integrated with the R140 1-Port VNA

Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs compatible with SPEAG’s electromagnetic antenna products:


Available Stock

R60 1-Port 6 GHz Analyzer

1 MHz – 6 GHz

Available Stock

R140B 1-Port 14 GHz Analyzer

85 MHz – 14 GHz


TR1300/1 2-Port 1.3 GHz Analyzer

300 kHz – 1.3 GHz

End Of Sale

S7530 2-Port 75 Ohm 3.0 GHz Analyzer


20 kHz – 3 GHz

Available Stock

S5065 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer

9 kHz – 6.5 GHz

Available Stock

S5085 2-Port 8.5 GHz Analyzer

9 kHz – 8.5 GHz



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