Calibration Services Request Form
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Please review the statements below. By submitting this form as is, you are accepting the below statements. 
1. Shipping material you're using to send the device may be discarded and will not be returned to you. 
2. By default, Copper Mountain Technologies will install anti-tamper stickers after service. 
3. If the instrument is out of tolerance upon receipt, we will not open the instrument for diagnosis unless we are told otherwise. 
4. We will leave the calibration due date blank unless you specify a desired due date for the device. 
If there are any other special considerations or requests related to your calibration service please list them below

We request the calibration/verification services for the following equipment. Should there be any problem or need for changing, both parties shall inform and discuss with the other to solve the problem. We bear full responsibility for the equipment and the information supplied in this request and shall settle in full the calibration/ verification fees to CMT as agreed or quoted by both parties, or according to pertinent regulations prior to receiving the certificate of calibration/verification.

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