Amplifier Stability

Plot amplifier stability K factor, Mu1 and Mu2 versus frequency by measuring 2-port S-parameters.

Boonton RTP Power Calibration

Use Boonton RTP Power Meters to perform a power calibration on CMT VNAs. Please download the Boonton Power Analyzer Suite from the .zip file before running the plugin.

Compression Point

Find the 1 dB compression point for active devices.

Hotkeys Plugin

Map F1, F2, and F3 keys as hotkeys to perform some common operations in the VNA software.


Use different matching circuit models to de-embed or embed a matching circuit on the VNA port.


Use different matching circuit models to de-embed or embed matching circuits on VNA ports.

Trace Math

Perform trace math on two traces and plot the result.

Scale and Offset

Scale and add an offset to a measurement trace.

Hold on Pass

Set limit tests and hold the measurement trace when the device under test passes the limit test. The Hold on Pass plugin comes automatically downloaded in the TRVNA software, which you can download here.

Manufacturing Plug-In

Guaranteed same test settings and consistency in process. Automatically archive tests into a network folder for reporting and analysis. Updated template, or easily and readily customizable.

Manufacturing Test Plug-In