Lowering Cost of Testing for Semiconductor Manufacturers

For most VNA applications, especially when test results are collected manually by an operator, measurement speeds on the order of 15 microseconds per point are more than adequate. However, in certain applications including semiconductor production, such measurement speeds can contribute significantly to test time being a bottleneck in the overall manufacturing process.


Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNAs, offering measurement speeds on the order of 10,000 points per second while maintaining 80-90 dB dynamic range, are uniquely suited for deployment into such demanding scenarios. Additional considerations for these applications include availability of external trigger inputs and outputs, amenability to external program control, size of the instrument, and parallel processing capability.

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Copper Mountain Technologies USB VNAs offload the processing of the measurement to a host computer. This makes our test equipment much smaller and easier to embed in a test system. Our focus on the RF measurement instead of computation hardware results in a lower cost measurement device with excellent accuracy and metrology.