Wireless Charging Technology

AirFuel Alliance is bringing leading edge wireless power solutions to market today and championing new innovations that will advance wireless technologies tomorrow.

AirFuel is building a global, interoperable wireless power ecosystem supported by eco-friendly infrastructure so the market can finally have it all. AirFuel Resonant and RF technologies are driving the path forward by enabling rapid charging of multiple devices simultaneously and free of cords.

AirFuel has created universal standards for both Magnetic Resonance and RF to ensure that the widest range of devices can be powered without plugging in. They continually listen to the needs of the market and actively support a range of wireless power technologies that will deliver the best experience and realize the vision of a world without wires.

The AirFuel Resonant wireless power standard relies on loosely coupled magnetic coils (resonators) to transfer power. A detailed understanding of the magnetic properties of the coils involved is required to ensure interoperability of devices. AirFuel uses vector network analyzers to perform many of the needed measurements – mapping the overall field profile, response to objects placed in the charge area, as well as directly measuring the coils themselves.

One of the most recent advances uses a Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNA to map field profile over the surface of a 3D volume and thus involves thousands of measurements.  Having a fast and accurate vector network analyzer that can be incorporated into this robotically automated test system is critical.
The Copper Mountain Technologies’ Compact S5045 or Compact S5065 VNA options have proven to be a great fit for our needs. It has become a key component in the AirFuel Alliance H-Field mapping system, enabling fast and accurate characterization of resonators, and all at a great price point.

Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs compatible with AirFuel Alliance’s Test Kit:

Available Stock

S5045 2-Port 4.5 GHz Analyzer

9 kHz - 4.5 GHz

Available Stock

S5065 2-Port 6.5 GHz Analyzer

9 kHz - 6.5 GHz