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Production and Design Testing Software

AMCAD Copper Mountain Technologies IQSTARAMCAD delivers best-in-class measurement, modeling, and design solutions for microwave components, circuits, and RF sub-systems. With their strategic partner, Maury Microwave, at every stage of the product life cycle, they also deliver critical services needed to ensure the greatest optimization of your design performances, while reducing the time-to-market. Production testing of RF/microwave components and circuits is becoming a real challenge for many companies. Eager to get their latest developments to market, they must achieve performance that highlights the superiority of their products compared to the competition. On the other hand, customers are continuously requesting additional information on the datasheets. No longer satisfied with simple small-signal measurements and frequency swept S-parameters, they are asking for information related to their specific applications.

AMCAD Engineering has addressed this challenge by developing IQSTAR. A turnkey software with a versatile and customizable schematic editor for building a test bench with available laboratory instruments and configuring it for an application. Multiple configurations are possible: scalar, vector, or a combination of scalar and vector. IQSTAR does not require any programming skills. It offers the flexibility of turn-key professional measurement software and unifies testing procedures in the labs.

Using Cobalt Series C2220 or C2420 for vector measurements, one can build a simple yet effective setup capable of making S-parameter measurements, 1-Tone measurements, and 2-Tone measurements, with CW or Pulsed signals, taking advantage of the high dynamic range of the receivers compared to power meters. The Cobalt VNAs offer high performance in a compact form factor to save valuable space in your testing environment.

IQSTAR’s Key features

  • Turn-key software
  • Adaptive calibration wizards for configurable test benches
  • Automated test flow with drag & drop customized measurement sequences
  • Advanced and customizable display tools using Whiteboard Dataset viewer
  • Speed up design cycles and generate measurement reports.


Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs compatible with AMCAD’s IQSTAR Software include:



C2220 2-Port 20 GHz Analyzer, Direct Receiver Access

100 kHz - 20 GHz


C2420 4-Port 20 GHz Analyzer, Direct Receiver Access

100 kHz - 20 GHz

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