VNA probe station semiconductor testing

Advanced Semiconductor Testing with MPI Probe Stations

MPI Corporation has integrated Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) VNAs into their advanced probe testing system and the network analyzers are compatible with their QAlibira® RF calibration software. The solution is a great system for semiconductor testing for electronic component manufacturers.

Solution Overview

The MPI Advanced Semiconductor Test Division is providing a wide range of engineering probe systems addressing the specific requirements of various market segments and applications such as Device Characterization of modeling, Failure Analysis, Design Verification, IC engineering, Wafer Level Reliability as well special requirements for MEMS, High Power, RF and mmW device testing.


As technology and innovation leader MPI Engineering Probe Systems are pioneering in many areas with features only found on Advanced Semiconductor Test Division products.


MPI Engineering Probe Systems create repeatable and reproducible data on manual platform that engineers can have confidence in. Features of the fully-automated probe systems include thin wafer handling, high throughput, and advanced alignment in a complete test solution.

MPI’s long-time experience in wafer-level RF calibration and a detailed understanding of the microwave measurement specifics are at the bottom of QAlibira® – MPI’s RF calibration software.


QAlibira® is designed to make complex and tedious task of RF system calibration simple. Its unique features of the multi-touch and multi-language graphical user interface as well as the original NIST multi-line TRL calibration capability revolutionized the wafer-level RF system calibration.

TS3500-SE with WaferWallet

Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) can be integrated with every MPI probe systems for a complete wafer-level measurement system. Manual probe stations are often used in universities research labs or when the test scenario requires long time in-contact. Fully-automated probe systems with integrated wafer handlers provide test solutions for RF product production environment significantly reducing cost of test.


You can learn more about the MPI Manual Probe Systems here and the MPI Fully-automated Probe Systems here. All CMT VNAs are compatible with MPI probes and QAlibria® 1.7 (and above versions).



Features of QAlibria®

  • Unique, most accurate TMRR calibration method, metrology-graded calibration by NIST multiline TRL and integration with NIST StatistiCal engine
  • Intuitive, multi-touch GUI
  • Seamless integration with the SENTIO® prober-control suite for automated RF calibration and measurement workflow
  • Open data base for probe and calibration standards model existing on the market

1-Port USB VNAs to 18 GHz


Compact USB VNAs to 44 GHz


Cobalt USB VNAs to 20 GHz


75 Ohm Solutions to 3 GHz


mmWave Solutions to 330 GHz