Compare Compact VNA Models

Copper Mountain Technologies has four series in their Compact VNA model line. That can often cause confusion for people who are comparing the models to see which VNA may best fit their needs. This page provides a detailed comparison of the specifications and features of each series to help you determine which VNA matches your needs.


  • 2-port 1-path measurements
  • Most affordable Compact VNA option


  • 2-port 2-path measurements
  • Attractive option for users without the need for some of the advanced features offered with other CMT VNAs
  • Similar specifications to the S Series at a lower price point


  • 2-port 2-path measurements
  • Models available in 50 and 75 Ohm options
  • Maximum standard feature set with a size suitable for many applications


  • 2-port 2-path measurements
  • Faster measurement speed, better dynamic range, and higher output power of the Compact VNAs
  • Exceptional performance in a familiar compact form factor

Features Comparison

Fearures (Tr, M, S, and SC series)

Comparing Similar Models

TR1300_1 2-port VNA 0.3MHz - 1.3GHz
M5065 2-port VNA 300kHz - 6.5 GHz
S5065 2-port VNA 9kHz - 6.5 GHz
SC5065 2-port VNA 300kHz - 6.5GHz
Compact VNAs Chart

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