Advanced Features

Time Domain and Gating

TRL Calibration

TRL Calibration

Mixer Measurements

Scalar and Vector Mixer Measurements

One of the easiest ways to get to know Copper Mountain Technologies’ VNAs is to explore the instruments directly. That’s made even easier when you download free demo VNA software below. All our VNA applications contain built-in emulator modes for each supported instrument.


Free Windows and Linux software is available to download on the CMT website at any time with features such as Time Domain with Gating, Advanced TRL Calibration, Scalar and Vector Mixer Measurements included at no extra charge.* And since the software is used on a computer separate from the measurement module, if the computer becomes obsolete or needs to be replaced, it is just a matter of getting a new one. The VNA is unaffected by the external computer which also improves security and inter-departmental equipment sharing.


With a CMT vector network analyzer, the unit can easily and securely be shared since all software and data is stored on an individual user’s computer and not the measurement module.