A message from the CEO:


I wanted to give you all a short update on what Copper Mountain Technologies has been up to this year (hint: we’ve been busy!).


As you all know, we opened up CMT EU in Cyprus last year. Since we’ve opened the office, I have spent 400 hours (about 2 and a half weeks) flying back and forth between CMT EU and our Indianapolis headquarters. That’s 80,000 miles (or 128 748 kilometers for all you metric users)! But it has all been worth it, I promise! We’ve contributed significantly to the shift in Cyprus’ tech industry, adding the much-needed hardware element to their booming software sector. We hosted customers and partners (best time to visit is September-October, if you decide to come😉). We repaired and verified dozens of VNAs and ACMs for European customers, developed two custom microwave material sensing modules, worked on new products (stay tuned for announcements in 2024), and spent hundreds of hours working with CMT’s suppliers in the US, Israel, India, China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.


We’ve also been growing here at the Indianapolis headquarters, how exciting! This year, we’ve had an increase of 23% in our team; seeing lots of new faces in repair, calibration lab, customer service, and manufacturing has been very refreshing, as much as we love all our old faces 😂. And not only have we grown our headquarters, but we’ve also grown as a supporter of the local tech industry! We’ve worked with quite a few local universities, and even had some students come for lectures and tours of our facility from schools like IUPUI and Purdue. We have also become an Advanced Industries Council partner with Conexus, an organization devoted to developing and growing Indiana’s manufacturing and logistics industries. We were even awarded a Manufacturing Readiness Grant from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation so that we could grow our manufacturing.


We worked on all kinds of interesting projects this year, and customers all over the world were able to use our products and solutions to measure all sorts of exciting things, like snow on a mountain in Peru! We were even able to overnight a VNA in time to catch a customer travelling from abroad when their equipment got lost in transit, isn’t that cool? And of course, our industry celebrity, Brian Walker, has been on tour all throughout the year, bringing VNA cheer along with him. He spread the joy of metrological education at every one of our events this year, including all the way in Argentina!


With our new metrology lab setup in Cyprus and the old one in Indianapolis we were able to stay off the ISO naughty list again, with special thanks to our metrology team on passing our audit with ease! So, we hope our 16-port fits under your tree this year. 😉


We are here, we are growing, we are manufacturing more VNAs than ever before, and we are working hard to raise the next generation of RF engineers!


We want to thank you, our customers, resellers, and partners for all your support this year, and I wish you all a happy new year as we ride off into 2024!



Irena Goloschokin


Copper Mountain Technologies

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