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 Network Analyzers using RVNA and RNVNA software

The top panel view of the Analyzers is represented in the figures below.

R54 top

R60 top panel

R54 side

R60 side panel

Part of the R54

Test port

The test port (type-N male 50 Ω) is intended for DUT connection. It is also used as a source of the stimulus signal and as a receiver of the response signal from the DUT.

LED Indicator

The top panel is equipped with the READY/STANDBY LED indicator running in the following modes:

Green blinking light is standby mode. In this mode the current consumption of the device from the USB port is minimum.

Green glowing light is normal device operation.

USB Connector

The mini USB 2.0 port is intended for connection to USB port of the personal computer via the supplied USB cable.


Rev.:  22.1.1