IoTest Antenna Testing Kit

The Reliability of an IoT device depends on the performance of its antenna. IoTest Antenna Testing Kit helps designers of IoT devices select and test the right antenna for their project. In IoT design form factor is critical, and space is at a premium.


The IoTest Kit includes R60 VNA Antenna Analyzer, antenna testing software, sample antennas and cable assembly to connect antennas to the Analyzer.


The R60 Antenna Analyzer simplifies the complex measurements that must be performed to determine whether the antenna is right for your device. It allows you to measure the most critical parameter – the Return Loss of your antenna.


IoTest has been developed in collaboration with:

Pulse Larsen Antennas IoT Antennas

PulseLarsen Antennas backs the IoTest Kit with its years of antenna design and manufacturing expertise.


*IoTest is powered by Copper Mountain Technologies’ antenna analyzer. IoTest is a trademark of Copper Mountain Technologies.

IoTest antenna testing kit has been specifically designed to help designers of IoT devices select and test the right antenna for their project, incorporating easy-to-use hardware, software, cable assembly and sample antennas, as well as educational materials and easy-to-follow guides.


If you want to consult with our engineers about your specific application, please Ask an Engineer.

Information Sheets

IoTest Information Sheet

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